Correction to Richard Stone’s descendants chart

There is an error on Richard Stone’s descendant chart (I’m certain more errors will be found!). On page 12, Jane Stone the daughter of Captain Stone 1784 was NOT baptized in Ashbrittle in 1811. She was born September 8, 1909 in England, probably in Somerset or Hertfordshire, but her baptism has not yet been located. Jane Stone the daughter of Captain Stone 1756 and his wife Elizabeth aka Betty Langbridge WAS baptized in Ashbrittle that January 11 (page 42). She was their last child, after Captain retired from the Excise. He and Betty returned first to the Wadhams farm portion of the Venn Farm property) and then to Ashbrittle after he sold his interest in the Venn farm in the early 1800s. The history of this branch of the Stone family has roots in Ashbrittle in the 17c after their start in Clayhanger.

Captain Stone 1756’s descendants went to Austrailia and New Zealand in the 1830s. Captain Stone 1784 immigrated with his family to Albion, Illinois in 1818.

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Plans for this new website


Welcome to the new (March 2012) website intended to tell the family stories of the Stone family of Devon and Somerset and the Rhodes family of Kent, both before and after their immigration to the United States. There will be bugs I am sure, but if you are patient we will correct them. For example, when I navigated to the website from a link provided in a message on Devon Rootsweb, I was unable to open the links to the descendant charts for Stone and for Rhodes. When I went to the page directly with my browser or via Google search, the two descendant charts opened as they should. When you succeed in opening a chart or other link, return to the page using the back arrow, do not delete or you will leave the site. I also have found access to the descendant charts slower via Firefox than via Internet Explorer, and I do not know why,

As the site develops I hope to add more charts, lists, maps, photos and text. I will present the wills of several of the 17c and 18c Stones of Clayhanger, Devon and Chipstable or Wiveliscombe, Somerset. I hope you will find information of interest at this site, but also that you will be patient when you encounter bugs and poorly designed pages and links. I’m still learning.  If you find data errors or can add new information of which I am unaware, please let me know. If the comments options do not seem to work at first, be patient and we will try to get it right. We do ask that you provide contact information if you want to correspond. JCS II.