This website is an evolving story and the home page for descendants of John Stone of Clayhanger, Devon, who died in 1588 and Thomas Rhodes, 1718 – 1783 of Ash-next-Ridley, Kent. The site was created in 2013, and much has been learned and added to the site in the succeeding years. The Stone page in particular has received substantial updates and additional charts and reports since its beginning. Tracing the Rhodes family of Kent and the Riley family of Staffordshire prior to the 18c has been more difficult. 

James Scott Stone, 1839 – 1896. The father of John Charles Stone
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Charles R. Rhodes, 1867 – 1911, married Mary Quarters Riley. They had three sons and one daughter, Mary Quarters Rhodes.











John Stone’s eldest son Richard Stone’s six children from his first marriage with Emma Sedgeborrow were baptized in the Clayhanger church (shown below) between 1602 and 1612. Some of the descendants immigrated to Albion, Illinois in 1818. Two of his three  children from his second marriage with Eleanor Slocombe were baptized here in 1640 and 1647. Some of the descendants immigrated to Australia and New Zealand in the 1830s.

St. Peters Parish Church, Clayhanger, Devon