Stone Family Trees on

There are three Stone family ancestral lines on this website:

  1. Descendants of Richard Stone ca 1579 – 1653 from his first marriage.
  2. Descendants of Richard Stone ca 1579 – 1653 from his second marriage
  3. What I have chosen to call the “Yarcombe line” of Stones: i.e. the descendants of William Stone ca 1532 and Joan Clawse ca 1537 of Yarcombe, Devon.


All of these three family trees currently are included within my Ancestry FT entitled “Stone Rhodes All Related”, under my Ancestry identity as JOHNCSTONEII.


To date I have not succeeded in connecting the so-called “Yarcombe line” to the “Stones of Chipstable” lines (i.e. Richard Stone 1579), yet a connection seems likely because they lived in close proximity in Somerset for generations.

Several misinterpretations of the data have been noted where these lines have been connected in error. I will note these occurrences as I add comments on Ancestry FTs later on this page. My comments will be added sequentially as I come upon questions or variations in interpretation

When reviewing other Ancestry FTs, occasionally I find differences of opinion or errors for which corrective documentation is available. As I encounter these issues on Ancestry I will advise the Ancestry member with a note about my concern or question and will refer members to these website pages. I hope that this method of correspondence will help me avoid repetitious memos between myself and my Ancestry colleagues.

Prominent surnames in the first marriage of Richard Stone ca 1579 include: BALLARD, BONER/BONNER, CHITTY, ERNST, HAUSER, HOCKING, HUDSON, JAGGERS, JOHNS, KRAUSE, LANGDON, MALLON, PERRATT, SCOTT, SMITH, STONE, THREAD TUTBOLE & variations, WEBBER and MANY MORE. See the appendix to this tree on this website for a full list of names.


Prominent surnames in the second marriage of Richard Stone ca 1579 include: BURRELL, BYCROFT, DOUGLAS, HILL, LANGBRIDGE, LINDSEY, LITTLE, LOCKINGON, MITCHELL, NORMAN, OSBORNE, PEGLER, RAWLINGS, RIGBY, SLOCOMBE, STONE, WALDRON, WESTCOTT, WHITE, WILSON, WYNE, and many more. See the appendix to this tree on this website for a full list of names.


Joseph Stone marriage, Edwards County, IL. The correct name of Joseph’s wife was Eliza Jane Boner or Bonner. They were married 1 February 1838. Eliza Jane’s father was James Boner/Bonner. I have Eliza Jane’s family bible. The surname definitely was Bonner, aka Bonner.

Captain Stone. There were two Captain Stones. They were cousins. Neither was ever named Captain William Stone nor William Captain Stone. Both were christened Captain Stone. The elder was the only child of Robert Stone 1713 and Elizabeth Hill, a descendant from the 2nd marriage of Richard Stone ca 1579. I have his father’s will for which Captain was the executor. None of the many documents at the Somerset Heritage Society show Captain with “William” in his name, except for Boyd’s marriage index. The younger Captain Stone was a descendant of Richard Stone ca 1579 from his first marriage. He was my 3rd GGF. I have many documents pertaining to him, including his parents’ wills, which can be seen on this website. He was never Captain William nor William Captain. There is more about these two ancestors on this website. Both are very well documented.

Robert Stone ca 1665 and Elizabeth Hill. Robert Stone was a grandson of Richard Stone ca 1579 and his second wife Eleanor Slocombe 1620 – 1673. He was not descended from the Stones of what I have called the Yarcombe line. He is of the Clayhanger/Ashbrittle/Chipstable Stones. His great grandson Robert Stone 1779 emigrated to Tasmania, Australia and New Zealand. This line is very well documented.