“STONE FAMILY OF CHIPSTABLE”. That is how the Cheffins Auctioneer in Cambridge described the almost one hundred documents obtained for this site in July 2013. At last I have compiled abstracts of the documents in order of date, from the 16c to the 19c.  The documents relate primarily to the Stone family of Chipstable, Ashbrittle and Wiveliscombe, Somerset and Clayhanger and elsewhere in Devon, but there are many other surnames and a few other parishes mentioned.  The most important surnames in addition to STONE are members of the Bluet family and John Bluet’s descendants, and members of the Hill, Norman, Perratt, Rogers, and Timewell families. Among others named in the documents are Arscott, Basset, Burge, Crympe, Davys, Daw, Gear, Hancock, Hawkins, Hooper, Hosegood, Jones, Langdon, Lang, Lenthall, Lord Lymington, Malet, Manly, Peaton, Perriam, Pook, Potten, Pyne, Quicke, Richard, Rogers, Scott, Slocombe, Standerwyck, Tanfield, Trevelyan, Waldron, Warren, Wellstead, Westcott, Williams, Winter, and Yeandle. There are probably more! The surnames BOND and BOYD should be added because the documents were obtained from the archives of those families. Anna Stone married Alfred Bond in Devon in 1863, and that is how the documents moved from the Stone family to their in-laws.

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