Sedgeborrow Family Estimated

I wish to thank fellow research friends who have confirmed without doubt that the first wife of Richard Stone (1575 – 1653 was Emma “Sedgeburrow” (abt 1579 – 1633), who married Richard in 1599 and was buried in Clayhanger in 1633 .  There are several spellings in the records for this family surname, but Sedgeburrow or Sedgeborrow are the most common, and many of them are found in Chipstable, Somerset, the Stone family parish (along with Clayhanger, Devon) for centuries. Even though Emma Sedgeborrow and Richard Stone were married in Burlescombe, I have found no other evidence of that family around that parish. It is highly likely that the Stones would have known the Sedgeborrows. I suggest that Emma was living in or perhaps “in service” in Burlescombe at the time of her marriage. When one looks at Chipstable, however – and recognizing that the availability of early parish records in Chipstable is zero to poor prior for the 18th century and earlier, is is surprising how many Sedgeborrows can be identified in 17c Chipstable records on FreeReg, and in some David Cheek transcripts.  From a study of those records, a reasonable line of descent including Emma can be constructed. While I recognize that this version cannot be proven, it seems reasonable and I present it below:

Sedgeborrow Family Estimated

I now believe that the father of Richard Stone circa 1575 – 1653 was not John Stone alias Venne, who wrote a no-longer-available  will in Chipstable in 1617, but rather John Stone of the Hele farm in Clayhanger who died in 1588. His will likewise is no longer available, but it is stated clearly that administration of the will was assigned to his natural son Richard Stone.


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  1. Excellent, thank you so much for this John. There are several Sedgborow names in Chipstable Protestation roll as you know. Do we have any idea of any land/property link with this family?

    1. Hi, Ros. I am just seeing your comment of May 2018 for the first time! Early in the game, I used to get Email alerts when there was a new comment on Stone-Rhodes. But no such alerts now for ages. I found there were some 20, which I’m looking at now. I noted that Sedgeborrow was a Chipstable name, probably explaining how Richard knew Emma. But beyond that I have not done any Sedgeborrow research, and I don’t know why the wedding of 1599 took place in Burlescombe and how Emma might be related to the Chipstable Sedgeborrows – but I’m fairly confident that they were. So I’ve got to get in the habit of looking at comments on Stone-Rhodes, since they don’t seem to alert me, as they used to. Meanwhile, we’re kind of locked down, but fine. Just had a very nice walk with our “son” Guinness (Labrador) Stone. I hope we will get to Vermont sometime this summer. John

  2. Great research work! I’m going through be in Devon in the next couple of days if you want any photos of places taken let me know.

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