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    1. Hi John, we used to communicate several years ago on our Stone line. I’m the 4th g granddaughter of Elizabeth Jane Stone m. Wesley Bond. I descend through their son, William Ashley Bond m. Emily Ida Isabelle Bidwell, their daughter, Nora Viola Bond m. Benjamin Franklin Wadsworth, their son, Clifford Monroe Wadsworth m. Grace Eliza Terry, their daughter, Ruby Elizabeth Wadsworth m. David LeRoy Thompson, their daughter, Terry LaRae Thompson m. Thomas Michael Reagan and then myself, Jeniffer Lynn Reagan. Alot has happened since we last talked and I would definitely like to catch up. Btw, I love this website, you’ve done a great job with it, keep up the good work!

    2. Dear John,
      A note from Toronto, Canada.
      Congratulations on your fascinating website. It clearly is a labour of love — and I, for one, have appreciated the detailed research that you have done.
      Based on the information on the Stone Family genealogy section, I believe that my own father’s paternal line is from Mary Stone (b. 1765 ). Mary Stone married John Morrish (b. 1762) in 1787 in Lydeard St. Lawrence (page 48).
      I would be pleased to connect with other descendants from this branch of The Stone Family, and would be particularly interested in knowing if there are distant kin living in Ontario, Canada.

    3. Hello my name is David Maunder. I live in a house once occupied by John Waldron (d. 1579) who bequeathed funds to build the almshouse in Tiverton. I have been researching the Waldron family and came across Waldron’s Farm Ashbrittle. The owner has lent me a box of 75 documents which I am just starting to study. Thomazine Waldron is mentioned in these documents as well as Richard Stone.
      Can I establish contact to seek your advise and help?

      1. I have the family in my tree but can’t find exact dates. See below.
        Descendants of ? Waldron

        1 ? Waldron b: in ? Could be John
        . 2 James? Waldron
        ….. +Mary Rogers m: 30 January 1625 in Hemyock Devon
        . 2 Richard? Waldron
        ….. +Ellyn Bowerman m: 6 October 1625 in Hemyock Devon
        …. 3 Clement Waldron b: Abt. 10 May 1633 in Hemyock Devon, bapt 10 May 1633 Hemyock
        …….. +Alice
        …. 3 Richard Waldron b: Abt. 2 March 1626 in Hemyock Devon, bapt 2 Mar 1626 Hemyock
        . 2 Anthony Waldron b: Abt. 1596 in Hemyock Devon? yeoman, church warden 1623 Ashbrittle near Wellington SOM d: 1658 in Ashbrittle SOM, will proved by wife, Tamsin & natural and lawful son Mathew Waldron Burial: Ashbrittle Churchyard
        ….. +Tamsin/Thomasin/e Wine b: Abt. 19 May 1596 in of Ashbrittle SOM, bapt 19 May 1596 Ashbrittle as Thomasin (Tamsin in Anthony’s will) m: 2 June 1619 in Ashbrittle SOM as Thomasine, Anthony of Tiverton Devon Father: Johan/John Wine? Mother: Johan?
        …. 3 Marie Waldron b: Abt. 5 July 1621 in Ashbrittle SOM, bapt 5 July 1621 Ashbrittle d: Abt. 3 June 1625 in Ashbrittle SOM Burial: 3 June 1625 Ashbrittle Churchyard
        …. 3 Johan Waldron b: Abt. 20 May 1624 in Ashbrittle SOM, bapt 20 May 1624 Ashbrittle (I think – date difficult to read)
        …. 3 Mathew Waldron b: Abt. 8 January 1628 in Ashbrittle SOM, bapt 8 Jan 1628 Ashbrittle (I think – date difficult to read)
        …. 3 Elizabeth Waldron b: Abt. 20 June 1632 in Ashbrittle SOM, bapt 20 Jun 1632 Ashbrittle
        …….. +Unknown Cromer? b: in ? Cremew?
        …. 3 Thomasin/Tamsin Waldron b: Abt. 8 January 1635 in Ashbrittle SOM, Tamsin in father’s will, bapt 8 Jan 1635 Ashbrittle as Thomasin
        …. 3 Anthony Waldron b: Abt. 2 January 1638 in Ashbrittle SOM, bapt 2 Jan 1638 Ashbrittle
        . 2 Clement Waldron b: Abt. 1599 in Hemyock Devon, yeoman (Ron Waldron ancestry Waldron Tree) d: 20 January 1658 in Hemyock Devon, will proved 20 Mar 1659, Richard Waldron, executor
        ….. +Joyce b: Abt. 1603 in Hemyock Devon m: Abt. 1624 in Hemyock Devon d: 20 November 1663 in Hemyock Devon
        …. 3 Johane/Joan/Johan Waldron b: Abt. 12 March 1626 in Hemyock Devon, bapt 12 Mar 1626 Hemyock as Joan, Johana in father’s will
        …….. +Robert/Robart Pringe m: 10 September 1651 in Hemyock Devon (as Johane & Robart) d: in 1686? as Robert Pring? died Hemyocke, Devonshire
        …. 3 Bridget/t Waldron b: Abt. 1632 in Hemyock Devon d: in ?
        …….. +William Pratt m: 5 February 1654 in Hemyock Devon
        …. 3 Mathew Waldron b: Abt. 19 January 1634 in Hemyock Devon, bapt 19 Jan 1634 Hemyock d: 6 July 1638
        …. 3 Richard Waldron b: Abt. 25 November 1635 in Hemyock Devon, bapt 25 Nov 1635 Hemyock, mother Joyce d: 12 November 1717 in Hemyock Devon (for family see Ron Waldron ancestry Waldron Tree)
        …….. +Johane Venn b: Abt. 19 June 1642 in Honiton Devon m: 3 December 1660 in Hemyock Devon d: 2 July 1723 in Hemyock Devon Father: John Venn Mother: Johane Looman
        …. 3 Clement Waldron b: Abt. 1637

        1. Hello,

          I am researching my Waldron family history and have got as far back as a Clement Waldron b.1746 Hemyock d. 1797. Do you know if there is a link? I am thinking it likely as the name Clement seems to be repeated in your info as though the name is passed on.


  1. This site is fascinating to me as I have both Rhodes and Stone lines on my father’s side of the house. Thus far I do not see a connection to either of these lines but will continue to look. My Stone line goes back to a William Stone (S.C.) who married a “Miss McClure”…but some of us wonder if it were “Mrs. McClure”. William Stone had a son named James Stone (1795-1851) (S.C.) and I follow this line easily straight down to my great grandmother Matilda Stone who married a Rhodes. That Rhodes, Johnathan Willis, was born in 1832 (AR) and we can not attach him to parents nor siblings! So my connection with your lines would have to go back to Europe…..I will keep an eye open for ways I may can help. BGM

  2. John: I tried to log in this morning, but I was rejected because I did not have a User Name and Password registered yet on your site. I looked all over for a place where I could register and provide that information, but I could not find such a place. Did I just miss it? Help! Cheers. Rollie

    1. I have just stumbled into your website. Being one of the “Australian- New Zealand” Stones, I have recorded a large amount of historical stuff on the family.
      Would it be possible to start correspondence with a view to sharing information?
      Mind you, like all researchers I am more inclined to the receiving rather than the giving …….

      Noel Mann

  3. I have come across your in-depth Stone family archive Blog. We are auctioneers in Cambridge and are due to offer a collection of Stone family documents/deeds/wills/ etc dating from the 17th century to the 19th century, in our sale on July 11th. If these are of interest to you, then I imagine you might be interested in bidding for them. They have been consigned to us for sale, on instructions from a deceased estate.

    1. Thank you for your comment and advice about the auction. Unless the Stones in question were specifically from western Somerset, I probably will find no connection. Already there are hundreds of Stones in parishes right where my own Stones are whose connection if any has been difficult to prove. We have visited Cambridge a few times over the past 50 years and enjoyed it immensely.

  4. Dear John C , are you going to get these documents at Cheffins or not ???? you are running very close to the auction on 11th, and I could get to Cheffins for you ………have you decided ? They would make a splendid extra chapter and masses of photos of ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS handled and signed by your ancestors . have fogotten your email so am sending via the Stone Rhodes .

  5. I am a direct descendant of the Clement Govett of Tiverton, who married Jane Hellings in 1741 at Chipstable. In your family tree you show her as being the widow of Richard Hellings (d 1725), whom she married in 1713, and daughter of William Stone & Dorothy Jest. Transcripts of the Chipstable register do suggest that Jane was a widow when she married Clement Govett, but she eventually died in 1756 shortly after having given birth to her third surviving child. It is clearly not possible that these two Janes are the same person. If she was of marriageable age in 1713, she could not have been child bearing in 1756). I have tried hard to find out who Clement’s Jane’s first husband was, to no avail, and wonder whether she was in fact a widow, or was simply recorded as “Mrs” because she was a mature woman or simply in error. Clement in his will (PCC 1759) names his “brother in law John Hellings” as executor and his own daughter Jane Govett (b 1756) went on to marry a John Hellings. John & Ann Hellings of Chipstable had a daughter Jane born in 1715, who could possibly be Clement’s wife. The Somerset Heritage Centre has several Hellings deeds, which I have not yet seen, which may cast some light on this.

  6. I really like your site, my ancestors are the Collard, Cox, Lutley, Cording and Hancock’s of Wiveliscombe, and of course Stone. I am doing some family tree research at the moment, so it was lovely to come across your site. To be honest that area is so confusing. All those little villages. I am in Australia. My great great grandmother was the daughter of William Collard Cox the Surveyor and Map Maker born in Wiveliscombe. His mother was Hannah Collard & her brothers were Collard & Collard the Piano manufacturers. I know my ancestors had a fulling mill in Chipstable, the mills, brewery and many properties in Wiveliscombe and the surrounding villages, since discovering this I have began tracing these documents where the properties are passed down through the family in a very strange way. The Stones are mentioned in them, so I thought you might be interested. There are 4 Conveyances, Mortgages and Settlements in the collection, they are held at the Gloucestershire County Council. Anyway our families are relatives of the Stawells from Clothelstone. The last Baron Stawell, John was related to us, and our families inherited different estates throughout the Wiveliscombe area of Somerset. Wiveliscombe is the seat of the Stawell family and they had the Court of Peculiar of Wiveliscombe. It’s really interesting stuff, apparently our family goes back to Adam de Covenstone a knight of William the Conqueror, he was given Clothelstone. If you click, search the archives only and type in Wiveliscombe in the name field all the documents regarding the estates of our ancestors are there for the period around the early to mid 1700’s. During this time they were attempting to disentangle them, I think because of what Oliver Cromwell did to Baron Ralph Stawell. The family estates were confiscated, but then they decided that was illegal and gave them back, but poor Ralph died in the Tower of London, so the family thought it best to give the estates over to all the heirs. It’s a very peculiar place Wiveliscombe with very peculiar ways, it took me a little while to figure it out. Anyway all the best and here is a link to those records.

    1. Hi there,

      my 6 times great-grandmother, Jane Cox (born about 1729), son of William Cox (Col), married John Lutley (born about 1726) in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England.

      Any chance that you have come across these names in your family tree?

      Many thanks,


  7. Interesting to see your discussions on a STONE family who originate from the same part of Devon as my STONE family!
    My fifth Great Grandfather is Robert STONE son of Samuel STONE and Grace GREGORY baptised in Burlescombe Devon on 17 May 1753 (I have no other information on Samuel and Grace) at some point Robert married Mary TIRREL because between them they had three children all baptised in Burlescombe, Alexander on 8 Jan 1778, Samuel on 12 Nov 1780 and Joan on 20 Apr 1783.
    I wondered if you had found any links to this STONE family from Burlescombe?

    1. Further comment 10/27/2020: Since your post we have discovered that Richard Stone 1675 married in Burlescombe in 1799 (PR image) He married Emma Sedgeborrow who we think came from a Chipstable family, where there are lots of Seadgeborrows, e.g. in the 1641 muster roll.

  8. Hi there
    Very informative site
    I would be intrested in further contact with yourself, and hopefully to share information
    There seems to be many links to my familty tree, which stem from Somerset, including links here in the viallages of Charlton Mackrell and Charlton Adam



  9. Hi John,
    My mothers maiden name was Perrott and she was born in Bristol in 1939. Her father was Alfred Edward Perrott and I am researching her side of the family and came across your website which I have found to be very interesting and informative.
    I have managed to trace my Perrotts back to Heathfield, Hillfarrance and Oake in Somerset and am trying to find out if the Jane Perratt (maiden name)and John Perratt who married in Chipstable in 1717 are related to my Perrotts/Perratts/Parrotts as the villages they lived in are not that far from Chipstable.
    I read that you are at present unable to trace the parents of Jane and I am trying to find out if my relation William ,born in 1684, is a relation of theirs.
    I would be very grateful if you would share with me any information you have found as to Jane’s/Johns line to see if I can integrate my perrotts and the Perratts mentioned in your family tree.
    Thank you for all the information that you have shared it is greatly appreciated.


  10. Hi John,
    My grandmother was a Stone, I have traced my Stone family from now to when they arrived in Australia in
    1849, William Stone married Elizabeth Chick 1844 in Walcot Somerset, Williams parents were Robert Stone & Fanny Godfrey, they married in 1804 in Walton, was wondering if you have any connection please


  11. Hi John.
    This is very exciting for me.
    I am a STONE.
    You are doing an amazing job and filled in so many gaps with such detail, thankyou.
    Richard Stone: 1579-1653 is my 9th great grandfather going down the chain Robert Stone: 1713-1787 6th G/GF, Captain William Stone: 1756-1803 5th G/GF, Peter Hurl Stone: 1842-1921 2nd G/GF and so on down to me, this isn’t all of them of course just a few. I have always wondered how many family lines we have out in the world.
    I would love to be able to read anymore information you may have on the stone family. I don’t have much as I am just starting to compile information and get my head around searching family.

    1. Hi Katrina,
      I’ve just started re-exploring the Stone family, and Peter Hurl Stone was (like my great great grandmother Mary Ann Ostler nee Stone) from the ‘original’ Richard Stone aka Venne b.~1579 whose second marriage 2 Oct 1639 was to Elinor Slocombe (b.~9 Nov 1620) I discovered this last night, although I initially researched the Stones decades before, so I was already aware of your line, with Charles Stone marrying Emma Hurlstone. I’m descended from Robert Stone who married Elizabeth Burrell, our common ancestors (my ggg grandparents) emigrants from England to Australia. Charles was an older brother of Mary Ann, the youngest in the family of 9 children. Perhaps we could exchange information on each of our Stone families, as each of them has a story to share!

  12. John – I doff my cap to your superb research. Many thanks for your wonderful efforts over such a long period. My wife is directly related to the Stone line via Captain1756 and your researches have been a huge step forward for my research of the ancestors of Robert1789. Once I had read your results for Richard1579 and his two families, things were a lot easier. I have found online (FMP) the original parish records for Clayhanger and have trawled through the entries from 1575 till 1640. I have updated my family tree on Ancestry (“Juliet’s family tree” by Gareth Bullock) with some findings but of interest are:
    1. I think Richard1579’s first wife might be Emmin or Emmilin. A burial entry for 8 Aug 1633 gives the wife of Richard Stone as “Emmin’ or such like – the writing is difficult to read. This accords with an entry in 1602 for the birth of John, son of Richard Stone and – what looks like – Emilinne. This is probably a diminutive of Emma.
    2. I can’t find the marriage entry for any Richard prior to 1602 and it may be that he got married in her parish.
    3.The records give clear dates for the birth/baptism of Richard’s first marriage children – John (May 1602), Joane (May 1604), Richard (Nov 1606), Emanuel (Jul 1609), Anne (Agnes?- Oct 1612); can’t find William.
    4. There are burial records for Richard1579’s sons – Richard Venne alias Stone in 1610; William 1636; John 1637.
    5, Richard1579 could be the burial record for 30 Nov 1653.
    6. Burial record for Johan (Richard1579’s daughter Joane?) Jun 1654.
    7. There is a Dec 1581 record for a male Stone with a very difficult to read name which might be Richard who is son of John Stone. Is this Richard1579 possibly?
    8, Intriguingly, there is a Jun 1636 birth record for a daughter of Richard Hawkins and Joan (eldest daughter of Richard1579); she is called “Emmin” – is this the mother naming her daughter after her own mother? Possible support for Richard1579’s first wife being called “Emmin’?
    This is all reasonable guesswork at this stage but it looks plausible and some items look quite likely. I’ll continue to bash away at the records to see what I have missed. I suspect you may well have all of this already so apologies for any duplication.
    Best regards
    Gareth Bullock

    1. Gareth: My website doesn’t seem to have alerted me as I thought when someone leaves a comment. There are several older than yours when I responded to a WordPress prompt. Anyway, this is just a preliminary response. Your discoveries in the Clayhanger burial records are all new to me! I always wondered why I couldn’t find complete burial records among the many baptismal and some marriage records in copies which I have and from the IGI. For example, I have never seen the burial records for wife “Emma” or children Richared Venne 1610 or William 1636 etc. Where can they be accessed.Anyway, I will read your comments and get back to you………..John Stone

      1. John – to access the Clayhanger records online I used (subscription-based). I happened to look up Joan Stone alias Venne and got a listing which had a link (‘see original’) to the parish records which in recent months must have been put online by volunteers. Once you are on a particular record the direction bars, left and right, enable you to page through the entire parish record book. Hence, on my Ancestry tree I refer to a record eg as ‘ p24/135 as on screen’, which means the book has 135 pages and the record I refer to is on p24. I paged through as much as I could before going a bit ‘script-blind’.

        I did by the way find William’s baptismal record…it was right above his twin sister Joane’s!

        Records can also be found on my Ancestry tree “Juliet’s family tree'”. I compile it for my wife who is a Stone descendant.

        Looking forward to hearing from you.

    2. I think that Gareth’s indication that Richard’s (1579) first wife was Emma of Emmin is correct. There is a marriage for a Richard Stone and an Emma “Segoberowe” on 10/10/1599 in Burlescombe. The handwriting for the Burlescombe parish registers for this time are very difficult. (FMP).

      Emma’s surname could be Segebrowe, but more likely to be Soucrome or Cockrame or … Perhaps someone else could be more precise in deciphering the register.

        1. Mardi – This is a BELATED response to your comment of July 2018!!! re: Initially I was told via some email system when there was a comment, but not for ages, and more than 20 seem to have piled up in the past almost two years. At 88, with several heart surgeries behind me, I am much less active in family history and maintaining the site (altho I visit it frequently to add traditional jazz numbers I like). If you’re willing, tell me how you tie into the Stone family of Clayhanger and Chipstable. Using my email [email protected] is sure to work, altho I will try to get in the habit of looking more often at “comments” on this website.
          John Stone

    3. Gareth, What wonderful research you’ve been doing!
      I’ve only just discovered that Richard was also known as Venne, which explains why a note somewhere, maybe on Wikitree, mentioned that Robert1675 “Purchased 2 or 3 quarters of “venn” estate in Chipstable, Somerset. Venn Cross Station still exists close to the coast 15 miles west of Taunton.”
      I apologise for my poor efforts at providing sources etc. there and would welcome anyone to adjust my entries appropriately.
      I wanted to get it all ‘out there’ last night, till time ran out…

  13. One more….I thought I take a look at Emma-like names marrying a Richard Stone and potentially outside Clayhanger as I couldn’t find the marriage record in the Clayhanger records. On FamilySearch I found a Ricardus Stone marrying an Emma in Burlescombe, just a couple miles away from Clayhanger in October 1599. So date, names and place all persuasive matches. Emma’s surname is tough to read in the original record as it is quite faint and in contemporary script. It is given by FamilySearch as Segetcrow and in FMP as that and Segoberowe. Maybe it was pronounced Sedgeborough/Sedgeberry? It needs an expert on reading such script to decisively decipher it. You cans ee the original record on FMP.

  14. Further, I note there is an Agnes Sedgeboro in the will of Robert Tudbole c1622, That may well establish the surname of Emma/Emmin to be Sedgeboro, a local surname.

  15. A follow up note on Richard Stone’s first marriage. I agree that the 1599 Burlescombe marriage record is difficult to read. I asked Elizabeth Howard, a very skilled transcriber, to have a look at the record. Her comments include the following: “as far as I can see Richard and Emma were married on 10th Oct 1599 . Are there any Sedgeborough wills ?
    Segebrywe is as close as I can get ………but it will have been pronounced Sedgeborrow.”

    Based on the input from all of you on this first marriage, for now I will go with Emma or Emmin Sedgeborow. I hope that fellow researchers can find more about the “Sedgeborow” family in Devon and Somerset. Thanks to you all. John C. Stone II

    1. Thanks, and yes – I did note a couple of Sedgeborow families in Chipstable in the 16 – 17c. I think that’s the right name, and on my file I have spelled it “Sedgeborrow” with the caveat that I don’t really know the true spelling. Elizabeth Howard did state that the pronunciation would be “Sedgeboro” or the like. If you learn anything more about the Sedgeborrow family I’d be delighted to hear about it. I have found no records for Burlescombe, DEV where the marriage took place. JCS

  16. I’ve found your research absolutely amazing ,My Grand father was Arthur stone son of Arthur Francis stone, son of Charles Burrell stone, son of Capt James stone ,what’s amazing as Maori it is part of our culture to reasearch our family history and though I knew a bit about my Grand fathers ancestry I didn’t realise just how old the Stone name was and is, thank you for your reasearch…from the Kiwi Stone (Whanau) family.

  17. I am researching many Somerset families including the Slocombe family of Wiveliscombe James Slocombe married Ann Stone 1777 Wiveliscombe who was the d/o Robert Stone & Ann Baker of Chipstable and granddaughter of Philip Stone & Anne Hill

    I would be interested in sharing with anyone who is related or can help me further or with any errors.


  18. Hi John, I to am amazed at your work. Of course I am fascinated to find more about my ancient cousins “the Bluetts”. My suspicions were immediately aroused when you hinted at four Bluett sisters. John Bluett’s daughters were my immediate conclusion and as you revealed more detail, I recognised the married names Jones, Wadham, Wallop, Basset. The thing is, I had not made much progress on the ladies after their marriages. I know they each inherited 1/4 of land in this area (Clayhanger), and can actually connect the Stone family to the inheritance. Wonderful. As you have alluded to, the Bluetts of Holcombe acquired a lot of property by marriages into other land owning families in the district. They were originally Norman Knights who were companions of the Conqueror in both Normandy and England. In most cases they were loyal followers of royalty and received rewards throughout the kingdom for their service. The Devon/Cornwall branch and the Somerset branch are one and the same. I shall follow your posts with interest! Colin

  19. Eleanor Slocombe (1620-1674) cannot have been the Eleanor Slocombe stated in the genealogy to have been baptized in 1620 in Milverton. That record shows Eleanor Slocombe was BURIED 9 Nov 1620 in Milverton, not baptized.

  20. I am a living descendant of Captain Stone. My grandfather George Marriott Sr., was the son of Fay Marriott, son of Esther Thread, daughter of Jane Stone Thread, who was the daughter of Captain Stone. I would love to gain access to any genealogical information you have regarding this ancestral line. Thank you.

  21. Hello Caitlyn, I also have a great deal of info on STONE and MARRIOTT. I descend out of STONE and my grandfather worked for MARRIOTTs. If I can help in any way, please get in touch at [email protected]
    Where on this planet do you live?

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