Captain Stone of Wiveliscombe, Somerset

We know much about CAPTAIN STONE and his family, but where was his daughter JANE STONE born on September 8, 1809. That is the date of birth given on her tombstone in BONE GAP, ILLINOIS, in the Thread Family cemetery. She was the husband of JAMES THREAD who immigrated from ALFOLD, SURREY.

CAPTAIN STONE was the fifth son of  JOHN STONE and ELIZABETH SELLICK, a Stone family with more than two centuries of history in CHIPSTABLE, SOMERSET. He married ANN WEBBER STONE of neighboring HUISH CHAMPFLOWER, SOMERSET. Ann was the widow of his older brother WILLIAM STONE.

Captain and Ann had four children. HORATIO was baptized in WIVELISCOMBE, SOMERSET in January 1807. The second child was JANE. The third child was SARAH STONE, who was baptized in BRAMFIELD, HERTFORDSHIRE in 1814. The fourth child was JOSEPH STONE, who also was baptized in BRAMFIELD in 1816. CAPTAIN was working for RICHARD FLOWER and his son GEORGE on their farm at MARDEN HILL, near the city of HERTFORD.  The FLOWERS and STONES emigrated from Marden Hill to ALBION, ILLINOIS in 1818.

This history is quite clear, but I don’t know the whereabouts of CAPTAIN STONE’S family between the baptism of HORATIO in 1807 and SARAH in 1814. Close to eight years are not accounted for in the short 36 year life of CAPTAIN STONE. Does anyone know where JANE STONE was born and baptized?  She is not the Jane Stone baptized in 1811 in ASHBRITTLE, SOMERSET. That JANE STONE’S father was also named CAPTAIN STONE, but this Captain Stone was an eighteen year older cousin of our CAPTAIN STONE.

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  1. According to Elizabeth Rittenhouse Lamb’s research, ,Jane Stone, daughter of Captain and Ann Webber Stone, was born 8 Sept 1809 in Surrey, England and died 14 Dec 1885 in Bone Gap, Edwards, Illinois.

  2. Hi, probably not related but worth a try. I’m trying to track down a woman (maiden name STONE) who was in the Axbridge, Somerset area in or around 1934. Many thanks

    1. Thanks for writing. I just found your note today (1/2/18!). So far, Axbridge, SOM has not surfaced in my research of Stones in Somerset, and 1934 is a century or more later than my research. So I don’t think I’m much help, but I appreciate your contact. JCS

  3. Hi, John:
    You have done an outstanding job in researching and writing the Stone Family History. I’m sure this website information is very helpful to people interested in the Stone and Rhodes families. Keep up the great work!
    Hello to Marcie.
    Love from “Cuz” Darla

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